Welcome to Travel Classes

Is there a place for you in the travel and tourism industry? Whether you’re changing careers or looking for a new job, travel and tourism will offer you possibilities like no other. Here are seven reasons that a job in travel and tourism might be right for you:

1.The possibility of your achieving a fulfilling career is excellent. According to many estimates, travel and tourism has become the world’s biggest industry. That means jobs — and plenty of them. And though there have been occasional downturns in the travel industry’s “health”, it inevitably bounces back — and quickly, too.

2. The choices you have are nearly endless. Touring, lodging, hospitality services, air travel, cruising, destination promotion, airport operations, theme parks — all these sectors and more provide hundreds of thousands of travel jobs, each unique, each potentially rewarding.

3. The perks are great. Travel professionals typically receive major discounts for their own travel. And West Los Angeles College teaches you all sorts of “insider information” that will help you travel better, even if you choose not to pursue a career in the business.

4. You can make a difference. Travel — especially leisure travel — helps people learn about other cultures, grow in their understanding of the world and fulfill their dreams. It has a more measurable effect, too, providing vital economic support to thousands of places and creating enormous economic success. In many ways, tourism has become a critical force for world peace. Few industries can make that claim.

5. You can get ahead fast. If you have talent, energy and a good work ethic, promotions will probably come swiftly to you. The travel industry provides a wide-open path for career advancement, especially in those sectors that are growing rapidly and for employees who are committed to hard work. And if you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll find plenty of opportunities in travel for achievement and success.

6. It’s flexible. Many jobs in travel are very flexible. Tens of thousands of travel professionals now work from home or work hours that fit their personal schedules.

7. It’s fun. Travel and tourism is exciting, gratifying and immensely enjoyable. As with any job, though, the demands can be challenging. But these are often offset by the simple fact that travel and tourism is one of the most wonderful industries around.

So your interest in travel and tourism is well placed. After all, what other product or service conjures such wondrous images of exotic places, exciting activities, fascinating cultures and extraordinary challenges? It’s a great business. And West Los Angeles College can help you be a part of it. See our frequently asked questions for more information.